Our Mission, Vision Statement, and Principles


We’re a team of professional New Jersey fitness trainers committed to helping people reach greatness and health with their lives. We want to see you succeed and achieve the most personal and athletic success. Through our programs, you can live a much healthier lifestyle and have time to keep up with your busy life.


To provide sports performance training that enables athletes to reach their highest potential both during and beyond the years of competitive athletics.


To be recognized as the most structured, passionate and elite Sports Performance facility in the nation. Through a comprehensive and scientifically based program, Reach Your Potential Training (RYPT) will reduce the risk of injury while improving all components necessary to allow athletes reach their highest potential in sport performance. These components include, but are not limited to strength, speed, power, agility, flexibility/mobility, conditioning and nutritional awareness. By improving these performance variables, our athletes will increase their self-esteem, mental strength, and physical dominance.



While it is our role to increase the overall performance of our athletes, we must make injury prevention a priority by taking a scientific and practical approach to decreasing the risk of injury during training and competition. To keep players in the training facility and competitive arena, we must minimize the time lost due to injury by training all qualities of performance. Special attention is placed on:

  • Single leg and eccentric strength
  • Force absorption and transfer
  • Core stability
  • Joint mobility
  • Landing mechanics
  • Proprioception and body awareness

After all athletes have been properly screened and assessed, individualized programs are an integral part of targeting problem areas that could lead to injury. Through proper activation patterns and body positioning, we will be able to eliminate compensations before they become detrimental to an athlete’s performance.


To prevent injuries, a comprehensive training program must be balanced in its approach to enhance performance. Major areas of the body must be trained during every training session. Emphasis is noted on (but not limited to) the following areas:

  • Lower posterior complex (explosive sports)
  • Upper posterior complex (overhead sports)
  • Single leg strength, stability and movement mechanics (female athletes and jumping sports)
  • Neck and surrounding support tissues (collision sports)
  • Muscles of the wrist, ankles, and hands (throwing, gripping and catching sports)

Weaknesses, asymmetries, and deficiencies found through the athlete screening process will dictate the primary needs for each athlete. The body’s muscle groups and actions must be balanced for optimal efficiency.


Athletes at Reach Your Potential Training are not here to become weight lifters. They are here to become BETTER ATHLETES. However, every protocol, method, and system of performance enhancement will be utilized in the sports performance program to improve the efficiency of the sport itself. Like athletics, our movements are:

  • Ground based
  • Three-dimensional
  • Multi-joint

Explosive lifting, plyometrics and throwing modalities will be used to develop the necessary speed and power required to succeed during such a highly intensive activity such as athletics. We utilize a quality vs. quantity approach. The ultimate success of our athletes is not determined by weight room or field numbers, but individual and team success. There is a purpose of why our sports performance program does things, and it is our goal to help our athletes “connect the dots” between performance training and performance playing.


For college students working to improve their first step quickness, breakaway speed, change of direction, power and strength, and mobility and flexibility, we have an athletic training program designed just for you! The I GOT RYPT program provides an opportunity for you to develop your mental and physical toughness while keeping up with a busy class and work schedule. You can stay healthy and fit with our program and push yourself to achieve more physically.


Sports Performance is not just a science, but also an art. The best coaches adjust and make the most of every opportunity placed before them. Sports performance coaches have the confidence and ability to modify any situation placed before them. Injuries, facilities, time allotment, and sport coach recommendations all play a significant role in how the performance program should be carried out. Our sports performance program utilizes all disciplines of strength and conditioning methods to improve sport performance, not just one.


To continue the climb towards sport enhancement, proper periodization of training sessions will ensure consistent improvements in performance. While some programs utilize a “blanket” approach towards training, we believe every athlete is different. Athletes grow, develop and adjust to their surroundings and must constantly be challenged in order to improve. Simple training exercises and methods will be mastered before moving ahead to more complex aspects of training to ensure maximum safety while achieving maximum stimulation.


Advancement in programming, education, leadership, motivation, and application of performance methods are constant priorities for a leading sports performance program. Professional development not only aids the coaches involved, but also assists the athletes and parents involved in the decision-making and training process. Our coaches constantly search for the most innovative methods to continue improvements in sports performance and the decrease of future injury.


Training protocols are put into place to create the safest and most efficient conditions to train for optimal performance and injury prevention. Athletes will know that performance training consists of a high tempo atmosphere with a constant sense of urgency to become better and better every day. Once the bar has been set, it must constantly be approached to be raised higher and higher at every opportunity.


Competition breeds success. Athletes must be challenged physically, mentally and emotionally throughout all aspects of their training. To get to the edge, athletes must step out of their comfort zone and sharpen one another. While teams are only as strong as their weakest link, it becomes necessary to train every day with a purpose and tenacity to strengthen the weak links to become a cohesive unit. Our coaches will help develop the competitive attitude in both individual and team scenarios so that each member of the team will be ready and willing to compete when the time is right.


Most importantly, we must continually provide constant and supportive feedback to every athlete during his or her quest for improvement. Through a positive coaching and training atmosphere, our athletes will lead by example, push one another and create an environment that will undoubtedly lead to success.