Free Athlete Assessment


Scheduling a New Athlete Assessment

New Athlete Assessments are required for all College, High School, and Middle School athletes who are new to RYPT.

*Grammar School RYPT athletes DO NOT need an assessment.


The New Athlete Assessment takes the athlete through a series of tests that measure speed, running mechanics, and power. We also analyze proper movement patterns related to weight training. Testing includes:

  • Vertical Jump
  • Long Jump
  • 10 yd sprint
  • 60 yd shuttle
  • Speed Mechanics: Teaching proper body positions, force production, and covering ground.
  • Bodyweight exercises: Evaluation of proper movement and technique.


Assessments are offered the week(s) prior to the start of a season. Following assessment, the athlete and parent(s) sit down with our coaches to review performance and discuss the best training options for the athlete.

Fall Assessments are completed. If you are a New Athlete to RYPT, you can still register for a Fall class. New Athletes will be assessed during their first class.

Signing up for a New Athlete Assessment DOES NOT guarantee a spot in the seasonal program. Please REGISTER if you have not yet reserved a spot. Once classes fill, they will be closed.

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